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California Career Zone:

As promised, I’m providing a link to self-assessment tools online. This free site provides self-assessment and career exploration resources.  Although the site is geared toward students on the west coast,  many of the tools and resources throughout the site are universal. 


Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Exploration:

I’m a big fan of the Bureau of Labor Statistics site ( This page is geared toward students and it is awesome. It provides comprehensive information on various careers. Very helpful for researching during the decision-making process.


Brag Sheet:

I talked about this in our workshop.  When requesting a recommendation, provide a copy of your brag sheet.  This will serve as a helpful tool to ensure that your accomplishments are highlighted.  On this page, you will find a brag sheet template, as well as sample brag sheets.


Your Career Matters: CPR Approach to Your Personal Branding Pitch:


I didn’t discuss this during our hour together, but there is a great technique that I use when helping people design their personal branding pitch. It’s called the CPR approach, and I highlight it in this Your Career Matters video.


It was a pleasure presenting to all of you. I wish you a bright and successful future!!






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