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Featured Testimonials & Recommendations

Below are recommendations from Kimberly's Linked In profile page and references submitted via email or written letter.  


For a list of clients for which Kimberly has provided professional development services or programming, visit our Client List

The women at NEST International formed a committee called WON (Women of NEST). It is an inter-company women’s group to empower and share knowledge with the women of our company.


We invited Kim to lead a presentation called "Career Advancement Strategies: Taking Your Career to the Next Level”. To say that she is professional and inspiring would be an understatement.


It is obvious she does what she loves and is excellent at it. However, being inspiring doesn't necessarily give you the tools to take action. This is exactly what she brought to our group - tools. She brought real, concrete tips for actions to take to move your career to the next level.


She really got us thinking about things like, "What is your personal brand? What do you stand for? What actions are you taking and what does that tell your colleagues?"


Another important part of the equation is your plan. If you have a goal, break it down into smaller steps. Then, you have a better chance of accomplishing your goals. It's one thing to say, "I want to get my Master's Degree someday." It's another thing to say, "I'm going to research Master's programs between January and March and choose one by April."


She had an immediate impact on the group with just one visit. If you are looking for a master trainer with positive energy, compassion, and expertise, you found her.


-- Diane Connolly Kidawa, Marketing Manager for NEST International

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